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Made in Italy. 50wt. 10 small spools, 220 yards each. Includes 1 each of colors 2425, 2530, 2250, 2130, 1231, 1148, 2024, 2606, 2630 & 2692
A non-toxic proprietary fabric treatment that makes it easy to create accurate, flat seams every time.
A good coating of beeswax prevents thread from tangling. Plastic case with slots for running thread through beeswax. Can also be used to smooth surface of iron.
What makes Water Soluble Pencil useful is that it easily wipes off with water. This marking pen is suited for precise marking, and it enables you to draw a fine line on cloth. It is also very useful for marking when you sew, stitch and quilt.
These 3"/4" glass-headed pins are great for small appliqué work. Comes in a handy enclosable case
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